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Bamboo Mini Storage - Bryan Barlow

I recently joined the NCSSA for my family's self-storage business, Bamboo Mini Storage in Boone, NC. I was hoping to find a bit more detailed information about the lien process than I've found so far in your Members area. Is there a sample/template lien letter available that you could provide, for instance? Also, Chapter 44A Article 4 of the NC lien law states that when we contact an overdue renter by mail that we're exercising our lien against their property, we must advise them "..of their right to a judicial hearing at which a determination will be made as to the validity of the lien....". What exactly does this mean in practical terms? If an occupant indicates they want to pursue this avenue, what exactly must we or the occupant do? 

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Kevin Leebrick on Thursday 02/09/2017 at 08:39AM wrote:


Thanks for reaching out. Give me a call at 704-282-9999. I think I can help you out and give you a bit more insight for your question.

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