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Carolina Springs Bottled Water - Don Perry

I need advice on what width building I should build next.The first one I'm building is 20' wide.Because of my lot size,the next two buildings can either be a 30' wide and a 20' wide or they could each be 25' wide each. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Mary Wiegold on Thursday 01/25/2018 at 03:21PM wrote:

A Lot depends on your current unit mix, the occupancy rate and demand on each unit size, how many rentable units, the length of the building(s) and of course running the numbers for profitability......also know as supply and demand principles.........Good Luck!

Stevie Harris on Thursday 02/08/2018 at 02:11PM wrote:

I'd recommend using a tool like Market Intel from The Storage Group to help determine which size would provide the best ROI. The tool pulls competitor prices, unit sizes, and unit types within your vicinity help you make data based decisions. The market demographic feature provides information on median income, household size, household status, etc. to help you gain a better understanding on what type of units are in demand and at what prices people can afford in the facility's area.

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