November 17, 2019

WJOS & Nevyas Eye Associates All DAY Sunday CE

The Eyes Have It


Nevyas Eye Associates 2019 Fall Symposium: The Eyes Have It
Course Director: Anita Nevyas-Wallace, MD
WJOS all-day annual event

AOA Members: $175
Non-Member: $200
Checks should be made out to WJOS and sent to Edward Melman, OD, 1001 Laurel Oak Road, Ste. A-1, Voorhees, NJ 08043

8 Hours of lecture with expected 7 TPA and 1 Regular credit

8 AM Registration  
8:30 AM Introduction Anita Nevyas-Wallace, MD
8:35 AM An Eye for an Eye: A "Grave" Disease  NJSBO# 112-2021 1 TPA  Madhura Tamhankar, MD
9:30 AM

Caring for our Glaucoma Patients: The Role of Micro-Invasive Glaucoma Surgery With and Without Cataract Surgery

NJSBO# 113-2021 1 TPA 

Anita Nevyas-Wallace, MD
10:10 AM

Normal Tension Glaucoma, Part I: Diagnosis   

NJSBO # 114-2021 1 TPA 

Mitchell E. Stein, MD
11:00 AM A Minute to Win It Exhibitor
11:05 AM Break  
11:25 AM

Customizing Cataract Surgery: Treating Astigmatism & Other Aberrations   

NJSBO # 115-2021 1 TPA 

Anita Nevyas-Wallace, MD
12:05 PM

Normal Tension Glaucoma, Part II: Topical & Oral Treatments 

NJSBO# 116-2021 1 TPA 

Mitchell E. Stein, MD
12:35 PM Lunch  
1:35 PM

Herpes Simplex Eye Disease

NJSBO# 117-2021 1 TPA 

Vipin K. Goyal, MD
2:20 PM

Herpes Zoster Eye Disease  

NJSBO # 118-2021 1 TPA 

Vipin K. Goyal, MD
3:05 PM Break  
3:20 PM

Customizing Cataract Surgery: Considering IOL Design and Fixation

NJSBO # 119-2021 1 TPA 

Anita Nevyas-Wallace, MD
4:10 PM

Employment Law and Common Pitfalls in Negotiating Contracts

NJSBO# 120-2021 1 TPA credit 

Robert Landau, Esq
4:50 PM Summation and Conclusion Anita Nevyas-Wallace, MD

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