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Action Alert - ASC Facilities Fees

Action Alert - ASC Facilities Fees


OAASC Members,

As you may be aware, we were recently able to successfully remove language from the House-passed version of the State Budget (HB 166) that would prohibit an ambulatory surgery center and other health care facilities from charging a facility fee.


The Ohio Senate will be crafting and voting on their own version of the budget bill in the next two weeks, and we must remain vigilant that this language does not make its way back into the legislation in the Senate.


We urge you to reach out to your local House members to thank them for helping to remove the facility fee language from the bill and express your support for the legislation as it currently stands with regards to facility fees. For those of you who are familiar with your Senators, it is also beneficial to reach out to them and express your support for the budget bill in its current form regarding facility fees.


It is also highly encouraged to schedule a time to meet with your legislator face-to-face in order to establish a relationship with them. Offering to give them a tour of your facility is an excellent way to introduce them to the work of an ambulatory surgical center and the impact our facilities have on the community. Establishing an open and consistent dialogue with your local elected officials is an excellent way for the OAASC to remain active and engaged in policy that impacts your line of work. Please let us know if you need any help on this and we are happy to join your visit.


To locate your Representative, visit and enter your zip code + 4 in the area in the bottom left corner of the home page.


To identify your Senator, visit and enter your address in the space below the interactive map.


For more information on the issue - Update - House Removes Facility Fees Language


Contact the OAASC with questions - or 614-358-0177



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