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How Do ASC Insurance Payments Stack Up?

OAASC's Reimbursement Survey Provides the Answer




OAASC 2011

Reimbursement Survey


The OAASC has created a tool that provides Ohio ASCs with a clearer picture of third party payer payment trends.  The OAASC developed and implemented a survey to gather reimbursement data from members, statistcally analyzed that data for accuracy and ensured that the survey and its results were well within legal boundaries. 

In the past, centers have found this information to be valuable to both management staff and physician leadership. The OAASC Reimbursement Committee has again initiated this survey to benefits Ohio ASCs with reimbursement data for decisionmaking. 


The survey is divided into three components:

  1. Most used CPT codes by specialty, charges for those codes and average reimbursements for those codes.
  2. Grouper payments or reimbursement levels by payers.
  3.  Reimbursement trends/strategies by payers

What Are the Benefits of the Survey?:

  • Having current comparisons of reimbursement rates;


If you participated in the survey, you will receive a copy for FREE


If not, don't worry, the results of this survey are available to members for $75 - well worth the cost for what you might be able to save!!


Non-members price is $200.


To purchse email the OAASC at or via phone at 614-358-0177.


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