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Ohio AgriBusiness Association Endorses Ohio Issue 1

The Ohio AgriBusiness Association (OABA) supports Ohio Issue 1, an important initiative meant to elevate the standards by which the Constitution of the State of Ohio may be amended. 

“The need for a stable and predictable business environment in our state is vital,” said Chris Henney, president and CEO of OABA. “The purpose of this ballot measure is not limited to a specific issue, but rather, it is about increasing the participation of citizens from all regions in the state when determining constitutional amendments that would affect every Ohioan. As advocates for a sustainable business climate, OABA backs Issue 1 because it is an initiative that will strengthen the integrity and efficacy of Ohio’s constitutional amendment process and guarantees that changes made to our state constitution are done so openly and fairly. Ultimately making Ohio a better place to live, work and run a business.” 

Changes are often proposed through ballot initiatives regarding how agriculture is done. However, we in agriculture are always learning and using new and improved techniques. When changes are mandated by a constitutional amendment, it restricts the industry's ability to quickly adjust and adapt without having to change the constitution again.

In the recent past, radical special interest groups have attempted to promote anti-agricultural measures that make domestic food production more challenging, which incentivizes imports from foreign countries. Approving Issue 1 would mean Ohio would take a more deliberate approach to amending the state's constitution, thereby safeguarding agriculture in our state and ensuring the long-term viability of Ohio’s #1 industry.

Click here to learn why you should vote YES and click here for FAQs.

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Diane Strait   on Monday 07/17/2023 at 10:27 AM

Do you have a yard sign?

Thank you,

Diane Strait
125 North Street
Sunbury, OH 43074

Ohio AgriBusiness Association   on Monday 07/17/2023 at 11:24 AM

Diane - You can request yard signs at the campaign website:

- OABA Team

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