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Criminal Justice News This Week (week of 12-28-20)

Prosecutors have dominated the bench for too long. We need more public defenders to become judges "To better protect vulnerable populations, more public defenders should be appointed to judicial seats."

The National Guard Is Using Force on Prisoners After Little Training"Ohio guard members patrolling inside prisons trained for a fraction of the 5 weeks required of officers."

Amicus Curiae at the Supreme Court: Last Term and the Decade in Review "Anthony Franze and Reeves Anderson, members of Arnold & Porter’s appellate and Supreme Court practice, analyze last term's amicus docket and review their findings since 2010."

'Van Buren v. United States': ‘Unauthorized Access’ in the Virtual World of Expanding Federal Criminal Liability "This article addresses the significant issues concerning the 'without authorization' element of the CFAA as illuminated by 'Van Buren' and comments on how the New York Court of Appeals dealt with a similar issue with respect to New York state’s own computer trespass statute."

I Am Guilty of Violating the Espionage Act "The Justice Department is setting a dangerous precedent that threatens reporters — and the truth."

We Investigated How Police Use Dogs as Weapons. Here’s How You Can Do It Too. "Our top tips for journalists from the partnership that produced 'Mauled.'"

Is Your Phone Safe? The Dangers of Police Access to Private Digital Data "A recent report from the Washington, D.C. nonprofit Upturn highlights the privacy and civil rights concerns arising from the use of mobile device forensic tools (MDFTs) by law enforcement agencies in the United States."

Correctional Facilities Are COVID-19 Hot Spots. Why Don’t They Get Vaccine Priority? "But the question of when inmates will receive the vaccine remains wide open. Experts say that’s because the states and agencies that control distribution face political pressure from a general public that has historically been unsympathetic to the health of incarcerated people."

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