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Letter from Ohio Medicaid Wrongly Tells 4,200 Providers They Were Dropped

Last week, about 4,200 Medicaid providers, including physicians, received a letter notifying them that they were being kicked out of the Medicaid program. On Monday, Ohio Medicaid said the letters were sent in error, and they are working to contact the providers who received them.

Ohio Medicaid spokesman Sam Rossi said the inaccurate notifications were caused by a coding mistake during routine system update. Rossi said that the number of providers and variety of provider types indicated the mistake affected Medicaid providers at random.

As of Monday afternoon, Ohio Medicaid had contacted about a third of providers who were affected by the system error. They hope to reach all of the providers to clear up the confusion.

Medicaid providers who received the letter and have questions should call 800-686-1516.

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