February 15, 2023

Registration Opens Soon for OAMES Spring Medicaid Webinar

OAMES Spring Medicaid Webinar will be held on Thursday, March 16, 10:00 – 11:30 am Eastern.  We are pleased to continue the collaboration with the Ohio Department of Medicaid to bring members education specific to HME providers.  Presenters are Mark Rogers from ODM Bureau of Health Plan Policy, Non-Institutional Section; Michelle Fitzgibbon with The Fitzgibbon Group, OAMES lobbyist; Maura Flanary, OAMES Vice President State Policy Chair; and Kam Yuricich, OAMES executive director.

The agenda will include an update on 20+ DMEPOS rules and summary of changes targeted for 7/01/23 effective date; the latest on Ohio FY 24-25 budget to be implemented 7/01/23 including any Medicaid changes; as well as news from the Medical Care Advisory Committee and the Medicaid managed care Next Generation program.

If you have any questions or topics you’d like addressed in the webinar, please send that information to OAMES staff Kam Yuricich by 2/27/23 so we can share it with ODM.  Watch for webinar registration to open shortly. 

OAMES Flagship Member Feature

Compass Health - The Choice Ohio HME Supplier

Click here for a feature article from Compass Health, one of OAMES 2023 Flagship members, based in Middleburg Heights, Ohio. Compass Health is the only organization who has maintained its Flagship status, the highest sponsorship level for OAMES associate members, for five years running!  Thank you to Compass Health for their strong commitment to OAMES!  We encourage members to support the companies who support you and OAMES’ mission of advocacy to keep Ohio’s HME community strong and successful.

OAMES Legislative Update Includes Latest on State Budget

The latest report from OAMES’ government relations consultants at The Fitzgibbon Group is now available.  This report offers insight on Ohio’s state FY 2024-2025 budget (see pages 2-4), a quick read for a high-level understanding of the Governor’s budget, and testimony from Medicaid Director Maureen Corcoran (refer to pages 12-13).  The report also includes updates on state issues and agency activities ranging from sports and entertainment, to economic and education, as well as 2023 elections, employment, public safety, transportation and many more topics that may be of interest to OAMES members. 

Final Batch of Medicaid DRAFT Rules Under Review, Available Upon Request

OAMES has been reporting on the release of DMEPOS proposed rule changes over the past month that the Ohio Department of Medicaid Non-Institutional Policy team is sharing with OAMES for early review and input.  There are 22 rules “open” as part of the agency’s five-year rule review; below is the full list of drafts sent to OAMES; those in bold are the third and final batch.

If your company provides any of the products, we encourage you to review the draft rules and share any feedback with OAMES as soon as possible.  Meetings with ODM and OAMES leadership are on-going but time is short.  Contact executive director Kam Yuricich for copies of the drafts.  As a reminder, this is an informal review; all policies will be filed shortly and go through the official regulatory process including a public hearing prior to the targeted effective date of 7/01/23.  Join us on the OAMES Spring Medicaid Webinar coming up March 16 for the latest on the proposed policy changes and status of rule filings. 

ODM DMEPOS draft rules available upon request are:

  • 5160-10-01 – General provisions and appendix spreadsheet
  • 5160-10-02 – Repair
  • 5160-10-07 – Bathing seats
  • 5160-10-08 – High-frequency chest wall oscillation devices
  • 5160-10-09 – Apnea monitors
  • 5160-10-11 – Hearing aids
  • 5160-10-14 – Compression garments
  • 5160-10-15 – TENS units
  • 5160-10-17 – Pneumatic compression devices and accessories
  • 5160-10-18 – Hospital beds, bed accessories, and pressure-reducing support surfaces
  • 5160-10-21 – Incontinence garments and related supplies
  • 5160-10-23 – Pulse oximeters
  • 5160-10-24 – Speech-generating devices
  • 5160-10-26 – Nutrition products
  • 5160-10-27 – Continuous passive motion (CPM) devices
  • 5160-10-28 – Osteogenesis stimulators
  • 5160-10-30 – Ambulation aids
  • 5160-10-31 – Footwear and foot orthoses
  • 5160-10-32 – Ostomy supplies and urological supplies
  • 5160-10-33 – Commodes
  • 5160-10-34 – Wound dressings and related supplies and Appendix A spreadsheet
  • 5160-10-35 – Cranial remolding devices
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