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Palmetto GBA Update: New Contractor Coming to Handle Suppliers Billing Number Privileges

Source: VGM Government Relations News


From the Desk of Ronda Buhrmester, Senior Director; Payer Relations & Reimbursement - Published October 20, 2022

There is a new contractor coming on board to handle suppliers' billing number privileges (PTAN). We know the common name National Supplier Clearinghouse (NSC) that has been contracted with Palmetto GBA.  

Changes are coming this fall. Beginning Nov. 7, Novitas is the name of the contractor taking over for all the states east of the Mississippi River.  

There are now two Jurisdictions for the now-named National Provider Enrollment contractor (NPE). Palmetto GBA, the current contractor, is handling states west of the Mississippi River as NPE west. Then there is NPE East which is Novitas handling states east of the Mississippi River. 

Those suppliers with locations east of the Mississippi River will need to update the certificate holder to the general liability policy. Currently, it will reference the NSC, Palmetto GBA, as the certificate holder name, this needs to be updated to Novitas NPEast at the time of renewal.  

For suppliers west of the Mississippi River, while the contractor continues to be Palmetto GBA, the certificate holder's name needs to be updated to reflect Palmetto NPWest. This can be done at the time of renewal. 

In addition, this is a suitable time to review all your licenses, insurance, surety bond, etc. for expirations and renewals. If you have updated a license, insurance policy, surety bond, or any other documents related to the supplier standards, this information needs to be updated with the National Provider Enrollment contractor! Do not wait for them to come to you because at that point it is too late and could end up with deactivation or revocation. If this happens, it will disrupt your cash flow.  

Please review all these documents for updates. 

More to come as we transition into the changes. See the article for more information on general liability insurance updates. 

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