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CGS Administrators to Host Medicare Workshop on December 15 in Indianapolis

CGS is hosting one last workshop in December 2022 in Indianapolis, IN. This comprehensive workshop is a great opportunity for you and all employees to increase Medicare knowledge. 

Registration Fee: $75

Registration Includes:

Embassy Suites by Hilton Plainfield Indianapolis Airport
6089 Clarks Creek Road
Plainfield, IN 46168


Workshop Sessions:

Provider Outreach and Education will start the day with introductions and an overview of the day’s agenda. This workshop is applicable to ALL suppliers of Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Supplies (DMEPOS) who bill Jurisdiction B.

Successful Claim Submissions
This session thoroughly explains how to navigate the claim submission process and get it right the first time! We will provide information on how to successfully submit a claim, review top claim submission errors and resolutions, Advance Beneficiary Notices of Noncoverage (ABNs), and share valuable resources.

Documentation Requirements
Is a prescription the same as an order? What information is needed in the medical record? How do we know if we met coverage criteria? CGS has the answers! The Documentation Requirements course helps suppliers understand Medicare Standard Documentation Requirements, how to respond to audit requests, and more. We’ll also review the many CGS resources that will assist you in staying compliant. Our experienced POE representatives are here to answer all your questions!

Reopenings, Appeals, & Overpayments
This session will be a step-by-step instruction of why, when, how, and where to successfully reopen or appeal a claim denial as well as information on appealing overpayments. It also includes the top reasons for dismissals, top non-affirmations, tools, and resources. After taking this course, you can confidently file a timely appeal with the knowledge of what is required.

Important Updates & Changes
This session will include the latest updates to the Medicare program. We’ll cover information on the Prior Authorization program, CMN/DIF elimination, LCD updates, and much more!

Open Q&A
We know that Q&As are a supplier favorite, so we’re dedicating an entire breakout session to answering your questions! This open Q&A is at the end of the day to make sure our POE staff answers all questions, and you leave the workshop confident in your knowledge of Medicare processes.

Register today!

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