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PHE Unwinding Resources from Ohio Medicaid and CMS Region 5

Help Spread the Word to Consumers


OAMES has obtained several resources from the CMS regional office and the Ohio Department of Medicaid to provide information for providers and beneficiaries about the unwinding of the public health emergency (PHE) and renewal of Medicaid eligibility enrollment.  CMS and ODM are asking for providers assistance in getting this information to consumers to provide important guidance about these important changes.

Ohio initiated its return to routine operations in February 2023 and is redetermining the eligibility of its 3.5 million Medicaid members between February 2023 to April 2024.  ODM is accountable to CMS and the Ohio General Assembly to complete renewals in a timely manner to meet the target completion date of April 2024.  Failure to complete the timely processing of renewals could result in financial penalties to Ohio Medicaid.  The MCAC meeting mentioned above included a presentation by ODM Deputy Director Patrick Beatty which provides details including a “return to normal” timeline and sample dashboards to measure state and county progress.

OAMES has also made contact with Angie Sebree, MS, RD, LDN.  She is a Health Insurance Specialist-Outreach with the CMS Chicago Region 5 office, Office of Program Operations and Local Engagement.  She shared several Medicaid PHE unwinding resources listed below and asked that Ohio providers help spread the word:

If you have any questions about the PHE unwinding or need assistance, please contact Kam Yuricich, OAMES executive director, or visit the Ohio Medicaid website here.

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