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Continued Outreach Needed on S. 1294


Important Message from the American Association for Homecare:

Tom Ryan and Jay Witter were on Capitol Hill last week, joined by our lobbyists from the Nickles Group and Prime Policy, to advocate for S. 1294 and seek support for introducing CBA-relief legislation in the House.
One recurring message we heard in Senate meetings was that these offices are hearing from HME advocates on S. 1294, but that more outreach is needed to build co-sponsor support, especially among members of the influential Senate Finance Committee.  Please continue to follow-up with offices you’ve made contact with and ask for their support and co-sponsorship on the legislation.
If you haven’t yet asked your Senators to support S. 1294, legislation to extend Medicare relief for suppliers in non-CBA/non-rural areas, please visit our Medicare Reimbursement Legislative Campaign Central to learn more and take action.  Keep in mind that non-CBA/non-rural rates affect other rates, including Medicaid rates in 20 states, TRICARE, and rates from other payers who follow Medicare rates.
Keep up the pressure!
Looking Ahead: Ensuring Sensible & Sustainable Rate-Setting Methodologies in Future CB Rounds

As we reported in late May, CMS has indicated that they are developing plans for a new competitive bidding round. Last week’s Hill visits also allowed us to begin discussing our priorities for future bidding rounds, including:

We plan to include CB program methodology among our issues for the September virtual legislative conference.  See our new Issue Brief on CB program policy guidelines for more information.


*** Special Note:  OAMES has been in contact with Ohio US Senators Sherrod Brown and JD Vance's offices to urge support for S. 1294.  We encourage Ohio HME providers to engage these senators as well.  If you need assistance making your contact or have any questions about the legislation, please contact OAMES executive director Kam Yuricich.

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