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News from CGS: Get Answers to Your Post-PHE Billing Questions


The following article was featured in "News from DME MAC Jurisdiction B" published 8/08/23:

Do you have lingering questions about billing claims after the end of the PHE?  Do you need clarification on how to continue billing some of those items? Concerns about the end of the waivers and non-enforcements?  We have set up a CGS PHE email address for you!

Simply email us today at and get answers to your Post-PHE questions!


Program reminder!

Join CGS for the DME MAC Jurisdiction B & C Mega Workshop in Nashville on August 31.  The DME Provider Outreach and Education representatives will host an educational event open to all DMEPOS suppliers and includes a full day of Medicare education.

The workshop offers a variety of sessions, including:

CLICK HERE for registration and full program details, including cost and location.

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