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Are You Doing Your Part to Gain Support for S.1294?


Without legislative action, rates for non-rural/non-CBA DME providers will see dramatic cuts. The clock is ticking.  Without legislative action, rates for non-rural/non-CBA DME providers are set to drop by an average of 32% for the top 25 HCPCS codes starting on Jan. 1, 2024, based on analysis by the American Association for Homecare.

For some products, including CPAP devices, O2 concentrators, and manual wheelchairs, the cuts will range well over 40%.  The impacts will also be felt in TRICARE rates and other state and commercial payers influenced by the non-rural/non-CBA fee schedule. These stark numbers should lend urgency to HME industry grassroots outreach on S. 1294.  

Have you contacted your US Senators to urge support for this bill?  Don’t rely on others to protect YOUR company’s interests!   Resources are available but YOU need to take action!

If you need any assistance or have any questions about the bill or communications with Capitol Hill staff, please to contact Kam Yuricich at the OAMES office or Gordon Barnes at AAHomecare.  This is the 11th hour and we need to take action NOW!

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