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Showcasing OxyGo: OAMES 2023 Flagship Member, Sponsor and Exhibitor


The following article was provided by OxyGo, one of OAMES 2023 Flagship Sponsor Members, and an exhibitor at OAMES 42nd Annual Meeting & Exhibition, Oct. 18-19, in Columbus, Ohio.

OxyGo, a leader in the portable oxygen concentrator market, is proud to announce the launch of their latest product, the OxyHome 5L Stationary Concentrator. This innovative unit is designed to provide a continuous oxygen flow of up to 5L per minute for home use.

The OxyHome 5L Stationary Concentrator is a sleek and modern-looking device that is easy to use, and its small footprint means that it can fit comfortably in any home environment. Its quiet operation ensures that users can carry on with their daily activities without any disruption. Oxyhome 5l Stationary Concentrator

A key feature of the OxyHome is its twin blower cooling design. This feature helps to keep the device cool during operation, ensuring that it performs optimally and reliably over time. The unit is also backed by a 3-year replacement warranty, giving users the peace of mind they need when it comes to their health and wellbeing.

"Our team is thrilled to introduce this new addition to the OxyGo family of concentrators – it’s a great unit that we’re proud to be offering to our providers and the patients they serve," says Duane King, Director of Sales.

The OxyHome 5L Stationary Concentrator is available for preorder now. For more information about OxyHome and other OxyGo products, please visit

OxyGo is noted for providing high quality home healthcare oxygen products and has been rated as the industry’s best POC—ahead of all competitors year after year.

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