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The Power of Inclusive Literature with Allison Boot, Ms. Wheelchair Ohio 2023

Message from Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities


Ms Wheelchair Ohio 2023

Ever wondered why we need more inclusive literature? Come, sit awhile, and listen to Allison Boot, Ms. Wheelchair Ohio 2023 and an established author, as she talks about her fascinating journey into the world of disability-inclusive literature. Allison, with her books “Just the Way You Are,” “The Magic Within,” and “Love the Way You Dance,” is breaking stereotypes and nurturing empathy among young readers. She also shares her challenges and triumphs in developing an often overlooked yet essential genre.

Moving into a more personal realm, Allison opens up about her experience as Ms. Wheelchair Ohio 2023. Hear about the friendships she's forged, how she's utilized her title to propagate the importance of inclusive literature, and her preparations for a national title. Learn how her platform has acted as a beacon of awareness, acceptance, and hope, proving that people with disabilities can live full, equitable lives.

Allison's authentic and inspiring conversation encourages a more inclusive mindset in OOD Works Podcast episode 49. Tune in wherever you listen to podcasts by searching "OOD Works." Transcripts and MP3 files are available at

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