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The Product Evolution of Compass Health

OAMES 2023 Flagship Member Feature


The following article was provided by Compass Health, an OAMES 2023 Flagship Member:  

At Compass Health, the Roscoe Medical brand was founded several years ago with a significant focus on Respiratory products…more specifically, parts, filters and various components for Oxygen Concentrators and associated Oxygen delivery products. Over the years, Roscoe Medical increased the breadth of their Oxygen product line to include Regulators, Aluminum Cylinders, Carts, Racks and Conserving Devices. Roscoe Medical also began distributing name brands as well as Roscoe branded Oxygen Disposable products including Cannulas, Masks, Tubing, Connectors, Bubble Humidifiers, Water Traps, and a myriad of complimentary oxygen related items. 

Fast forward to 2023, and you will find Compass Health to be laser-focused on building upon this foundation that Roscoe Medical established in the HME Marketplace. Compass launched their Respiratory Focus initiative in the beginning of 2022 with the introduction of the Roscoe truAIRE-5, 5-Liter Stationary Oxygen Concentrator.  Compass is extremely excited to soon be following this up with the introduction of a 10 Liter Concentrator as well as a complimentary suite of non-delivery Oxygen related devices to including a Portable Oxygen Concentrator and a Home Oxygen Cylinder Filling Device.  

The future is bright at Compass Health as we further our ability to service HME Providers with not just Oxygen and other Respiratory related products, but also a vast array of the products our customers source every day to include Bath Safety, Mobility, Patient Room, Disinfection, Sleep Therapy and Pain Management items.


Written by Compass Health Director of Product Management, Jim Westfall

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