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CMS Issues Preliminary Coding Recommendation for Power Seat Elevation

Source: NCART


The following was published by NCART 11/08/23:

CRT Advocates and Friends,

CMS has issued its preliminary recommendations for coding and pricing of power seat elevation systems. The preliminary decision can be read here.

In summary, the recommendation includes discontinuation of existing HCPCS Level II code E2300, “Wheelchair Accessory, Power Seat Elevation System, Any Type” and establishing two new HCPCS Level II codes reimbursed at a set fee schedule amount:

CMS has also recommended discontinuation of Group 2 Power Wheelchair HCPCS codes K0830 and K0831. 

The NCART Coding Workgroup has reconvened following the announcement and is preparing testimony for the CMS hearing, which is scheduled for November 30, 2023. Comments will address questions and concerns related to both coding and pricing. NCART is also encouraging manufacturers, providers, clinicians, and other stakeholders to submit written comments.

The public meeting provides an opportunity for stakeholders to offer further comments related to modifications to the HCPCS code set. CMS’ final coding, benefit category, and payment decisions are expected to be published on CMS’ HCPCS website in February 2024 and effective April 1, 2024.

More information will be available in the days and weeks ahead. Immediate questions and concerns can be submitted by clicking the button below. Thank you for continuing to support efforts to secure appropriate coverage for this important technology!

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