Ohio Optical Council for Political Education

Have you ever wanted to have an impact on the future of Opticianry in Ohio?  You Can! The Ohio Optical Council for Political Education is your voice!


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What is OOCPE?

OOCPE is a voluntary, non-profit, unincorporated group whose membership consists of opticians, ophthalmic technicians, contact lens fitters and others interested in the profession of optical dispensing.

Why was OOCPE formed?

The Ohio Optical Council for Political Education was formed because the profession of optical dispensing needs an organization through which its members can participate effectively in the political process.

Is the OOCPE affiliated with a major political party?

No. The program and platform of the individual candidates determine who OOCPE supports, not the candidate's party affiliation.

Who directs the activities of the OOCPE?

A Board of Directors who serve without compensation.

When a member contributes to the OOCPE and has feelings as to which candidate should be supported, how does he make those feelings known?

Members are encouraged to make recommendations to the Board of Directors when they feel a particular candidate should be supported.

How is the membership money used?

The money received by OOCPE is used to support candidates campaigning for election who, fairly and objectively, consider proposals which support the profession of optical dispensing consistent with public interest.

Who decides which candidates will be supported?

Decisions of which candidates receives support are made entirely by the Board of Directors. But, they are answerable to the general contributing membership.

Why is the need so great now?

In every legislative session, bills are introduced that affect the optical dispensing profession. By supporting candidates who understand and believe in the profession, you can insure the representation you need.

What is the relationship between the OAO and the OOCPE?

OOCPE raises money through membership to support candidates who understand the optical dispensing profession. OOCPE is prohibited from using their funds towards lobbying efforts. The OAO is prohibited from contributing funds to individual candidates but, the Association is active in lobbying efforts.

How do I contribute to OOCPE?

Contributions are completely voluntary. Individuals wishing to contribute may click here.