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Presentation, Public Speaking and Laughing Out Loud

Ethan Blumenthal
Founder and CEO
Knuckleball Comedy

Are you ready to break out of your shell and build the confidence it takes to stand up in front of an audience and deliver an important message!?

Funeral directors and other positions in deathcare must speak in public all the time. Whether explaining the services they offer, meeting with families, speaking at memorials services, training other staff, or speaking to their communities directly or through their local media, public speaking is undoubtedly part of the job.

Whether you want to speak in front of a team of 10 people or group of 1,000 people, this improv comedy-based learning lab will take you where you want to go, and have fun in the process. The interactive activities during the lab will provide you useful take-aways and tools to further enhance or improve you communication skills.

From everyday speaking situations to promotional opportunities at community events to speaking engagements discussing funeral service, funeral professionals at any level of their career or leadership status will feel empowered in knowing they can effectively communicate with an audience of any size when they leave this engaging learning lab.

As with all Knuckleball Comedy workshops, you will laugh, they stake their business on it.

Meet Ethan and find out why you don't want to miss his sessions!

1 CE Hour

Generously sponsored by Rollings Funeral Service

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