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WSiC News: Special Issue on Mediated Treatments of Meghan Markle

Claire Sisco-King

Volume 44, Issue 2 of WSiC is a special issue, guest edited by Laura Clancy and Hannah Yellin. Addressing the intersecting politics of race, gender, motherhood, and empire, articles in this essay focus on mediated treatments of Meghan Markle. As Clancy and Yelin write in their introduction to the issue, "This issue features four articles from international, interdisciplinary scholars, working in the fields of media studies, communication studies, cultural studies, gender and women’s studies, English literature, film studies, feminist media and cultural studies, visual studies, queer theory, and American studies. The papers each take a different perspective on Meghan Markle’s representation in global media culture during her pregnancy with Archie and during her mothering, in particular how these constructions are caught up in the (cultural) politics of race, gender, class, national identity, celebrity, and power." Issue 2 also features a Conversation and Commentary, guest edited by Ashley Hall, that addresses oppression and coalition building in the academy.

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