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2019 OSOMS Membership Investment

Dear OSOMS Member:

The OSOMS continues to work hard defending our specialty, both locally and nationally! We are the official organization representing oral and maxillofacial surgery to private and governmental agencies, healthcare organizations and the citizens of the state of Ohio. I am proud of our Executive Council members and their ability to engage on all these platforms. We have active voices with the AAOMS House of Delegates, AAOMS committees, the Ohio State Dental Board, the Ohio Dental Association and anesthesia review committees, just to name a few.

Some brief announcements for 2018/2019:

  • Annual Meeting focused on Anesthesia Safety and the Treatment Team - May 4, 2019 in Westerville. Along with the one-day anesthesia program this year, we will have a breakout session for allied staff to address in-office anesthesia assisting and management of anesthesia emergencies.

  • Opportunities for involvement. We are looking for new additions to our committees and would welcome anyone interested in getting involved. Feel free to email me at, or attend our next Executive Council meeting in January (date to be posted on There are many active groups in Ohio and the country that threaten our ability to conduct our practices. Being a part of our Executive Council allows you to have a voice in the future of our profession.

  • Specialty recognition in Ohio. The Ohio State Dental Board is currently considering alternative pathways to specialty distinction. Our OSOMS Executive Council continues to work hard to ensure that this designation be reserved for only the most qualified candidates that have completed the necessary supervised training. Additionally, we want to ensure that the citizens of Ohio are not confused by the designation of being a specialist and promote this designation as a higher standard of training and practice.

  • Dues increase. As approved by our membership at the 2018 Annual Meeting, your OSOMS dues will increase this year to $250 annually. We have not seen a dues increase since 1987. Even with the increase we will still be in the bottom tier of state dues nationally. Your dues will allow us to continue our efforts to defend our scope of practice and our specialty in Ohio.

Thank you for your continued support of our state component society of AAOMS. We are committed to preserving a great future for our specialty.


Keith M. Schneider, MS, DMD, FACS
OSOMS President, 2018-2019

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