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Extending the Baseball Season One Week


OHSBCA Board Members and District Reps,
Last week on 2/14 Frank Gamble our OHSAA Consultant, Dr. Jimmy Onate from Ohio State University and myself presented at the OHSAA Board Workshop Meeting on extending our baseball season by 1 week. As most of you know we tried last year to extend it by 2 weeks and that proposal was voted down. We listened to the concerns from many people including the OHSAA and came back this year with a new proposal of extending the season by 1 week. 
I'm emailing you guys now because we need your help getting the word out to your districts coaches that you represent. We had a really good meeting with the OHSAA last week and we really feel we have a good chance to get this passed. The OHSAA Board President and Commissioner Dr. Ross both told us though its ultimately going to come down to what the AD's and Principals say. They both agreed this is a good proposal and that it makes sense but they represent the AD's and Principals in the state of Ohio and if they don't get on board with it they won't pass it.
***With that in mind what we need is for you to stress to your districts coaches that they need to ACTUALLY HAVE A FACE TO FACE MEETING WITH THEIR AD AND PRINCIPAL and explain to them why we need to get this passed. Most of them don't care about it or understand why its needed and will just vote no regardless. We need to make them understand why its very important to HS Baseball in Ohio.
Jerry Snodgrass from the OHSAA is going to be sending out the survey to Coaches, AD's and Principals sometime in the next week so its very important we get this information out NOW to all of our coaches. If it comes back with a high percentage in favor from all 3 we feel it will pass but if its comes back again like it did the last time with the AD's and Principals not having a high percentage in favor it has no chance.
Just so you know this proposal is going to go out in an email to each coach listed in our OHSBCA membership.
Its also being sent out to each Principal in the state of Ohio by Ken Baker (a former HS baseball coach who is in favor of the proposal) who is now the Executive Director of the Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators.
Attached to this email is the proposal and the 13 points we feel are reasons for getting it passed. I encourage you to have our coaches use it when talking with their AD's and Principals.
Please contact me with any questions.​​
Thanks for your help to make our great game even better in the state of Ohio!!!!!
Extending the Season

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