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OJFSDA President's Awards

In 2009, the Ohio Job and Family Services Directors’ Association established the President’s Award to recognize dedicated individuals throughout the state who provide support to county agencies to enhance our system and improve the quality of services to JFS clients and communities. Award winners are individuals that unselfishly commit their time and expertise to assist local agencies meet the challenges of administering one of the largest work and family service systems in the country. During the September 9th general membership meeting, we recognized two well deserving members of the ODJFS staff with this award:

Wanda Ellis, ODJFS Deputy Director, Office of Family Assistance


(Pictured with Mindy Kowalski, Joel Potts and Director Damschroder)

Wanda has continually gone above and beyond in her work to improve the job and family service system. Her work throughout the pandemic has been vital to the JFS system. She has helped establish numerous new programs, ensured assistance was available to the state’s most vulnerable residents and maximizing flexibility in the system to help agencies provide needed assistance, as well as make the best use of available dollars. With numerous and unprecedented challenges thrown at the system throughout the past two and a half years, Wanda has been the cornerstone of a solid JFS foundation to provide help where it is needed the most. 

Wanda Ellis has shown her amazing talents and creative problem-solving skills during these perilous times and the JFS system is better for her efforts. She brings the much needed “can do” attitude to the job each and every day.


Sabrina Jamison, Senior Financial Manager, ODJFS Bureau of County Finance and Technical Assistance


(Pictured with Joel Potts and OJFSDA President Shannon Jones)

Sabrina has led numerous efforts to make it easier for counties to maximize funding and improve our financial bottom line. Throughout the pandemic she has overseen state efforts to provide new resources (such as COVID PRC and ARPA investments) in the quickest and easiest manner. Thanks to her leadership, county agencies have had additional time to invest TANF dollars locally, and in expanded ways not available before.

Sabrina has established multiple opportunities for the redistribution of county allocations, making sure counties have the best opportunity to invest funds where needed. She is an active participant in the association fiscal committee, providing the opportunity for counties to receive the most up to date fiscal updates and discuss fiscal matters with state specialists.

She also is continually looking for new training opportunities, including providing numerous fiscal sessions at the annual conference and making her team and herself available throughout the event at the “ask the expert” table, allowing one-on-one time between her team and our local fiscal officers. She is always gracious of her time and makes herself available whenever we ask, including taking part in New Director orientation. She has also just started a new director training program hosted by the state. 

Thank you Wanda and Sabrina for everything you do for counties!

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