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OJFSDA Honors Directors with JFS Award

The John Fisher Service (JFS) Award was given to seven CDJFS directors at last Friday's General Session meeting. The award recognizes individuals who display a willingness to foster strong relationships with their peers and provide guidance, advice and assistance that improves JFS services for all Ohio residents. Read on to see our first class of recipients.

3 2024 JFS Awards

Recipients from left to right: Joe Patton, Rich Owens, Dana Glassburn, Beth Rubin, Terri Burns, Bob Anderson, Robin Bruno (not pictured).


Robert Anderson, Delaware County

Bob always makes himself available to other directors, both new and experienced, and is supportive of their efforts to maintain a positive workforce. He has shared his county's leadership training with others and made himself and his staff available for conferences. He volunteers for the conference committee, and he makes efforts to keep others engaged. Local relationships are what he's all about, and it shows.

Robin Bruno, Madison County

Robin stepped up repeatedly to help a fellow county when we were in the middle of a staffing crisis. Robin volunteers for PCSAO conference committee and seeks to improve the conference for attendees each year. Robin volunteered Madison County to assist with Medicaid unwinding for neighboring counties who were not going to be able to complete the needed tasks in the given timeline. She invited the entire SW district directors to take part in an informal, monthly drop in meeting to discuss current affairs, struggles and talk through processes to improve efficiency in county processes. Robin is available to bounce ideas, frustrations and plans. She is a good friend, and expert in Children Services, and always willing to help. She volunteers for other organizations and events and is always present and giving 100% to the cause she represents, such as the Dolly Parton Imagination Library fundraiser. While Robin has not been in this position long, she has already done much for collaboration and support of her peers.

Terri Burns, Summit County

Terri chairs the statewide Fiscal Committee, serves as Treasurer for the North Coast district, all while managing a JFS agency that employs hundreds of staff and manages an equal amount of public programs. Terri is known for her fiscal knowledge and is always open to sharing that knowledge. I recently reached out to Terri, confused on some varying fiscal topics; she was happy to assist, even offering to meet for lunch. When we met, she had PowerPoint slides and other helpful documents ready for me and was open to questions and curiosity. I've pointed my own fiscal administrator Terri's way when he had questions, and I've witnessed many others approach Terri at meetings asking for her advice. She is happy - almost giddy - when you ask for her fiscal knowledge...and she is always willing to help. The statewide meeting she chairs is always fully-attended, and with relationships she's built over the years, is able to have knowledgeable state staff willing to collaborate with her. I (lovingly) envy her energy and knowledge, she inspires me to be a better director.

Dana Glassburn, Gallia County

Dana is generous with his knowledge and fiscal guidance. Countless directors have called him for his insights, and he is always willing to help. In addition, he has advocated for counties on multiple occasions, resulting in improvements related to CSS and funding opportunities, specifically.

Rich Owens, Wayne County

Rich's mentorship comes in the form of his constant support for the voice of the counties. Rich has participated on the executive committee for many years, and he does not hesitate to speak up for counties' interest, particularly in conversations with state partners. He is kind and cooperative, and as such he is able to get his point across without offense. Counties may not know how much Rich speaks for them, but he does so - even in those program areas he doesn't handle in his agency. Rich makes all directors feel welcome and lets newbies know that he is available if they ever need to talk.

Joe Patton, Allen County

Joe made his workforce marketing staff available to train other counties in graphic design and social media marketing. Joe also approached ODJFS and successfully designed a PRC project to address the benefit cliff in Allen County. This gave rise to the "Benefit Bridge" pilot project being implemented state wide. Joe has also fostered relationships with his local elected officials to give voice to county JFS issues.

Beth Rubin, Greene County

Beth has always been a person that is willing to jump in and help anyone, she was nominated director of the year in the past and with good reason. She is not only very accessible she takes the consciences of our the South West and will advocate for us. She has been a mentor to me over the years. She is very knowledgeable in all areas and has the kind of personality that people tend to be comfortable with asking her any question. 

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