May 17 - 19, 2024

Still Technique Course with Dr. Van Buskirk

CME Event

Ohio University’s Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine will be hosting Dr. Van Buskirk for the Still Technique course on May 17-19.


The course will be offered simultaneously from two locations:


20 hours of AOA 1-A Credit

Course Description  

Still Technique is an osteopathic manipulative medicine technique derived from the Indirect then Direct manipulative techniques first developed and utilized by Andrew Taylor Still, MD in the late 19th Century. After a 90-year hiatus in which the methodology was rarely used and when used was not recognized as that of Dr. Still, it was rediscovered and redeveloped by Richard Van Buskirk, DO and others in the late 20th Century.  

This course is focused on teaching this methodology to physicians and students of osteopathic medicine who are interested in learning and using a manipulative method that is relatively rapid, generally painless and quite effective. It requires a good working knowledge of functional musculoskeletal anatomy, which is also taught in the course. For those who already have a reasonable working knowledge of the methodology it should add to their technique base. After taking this course all should be able to use at least some of the techniques in their daily practice and will have developed a base on which they can grow their proficiency.

Course Objectives  

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