2012 OOA House To Consider 14 Resolutions

The Ohio Osteopathic Association's House of Delegates will convene April 19-20, 2012, during the Ohio Osteopathic Symposium in Columbus.  District represenatives will hear reports, approve the annual budget, elect officers and AOA Delegates, and act on 13 resolutions.

Officers of the House include John F. Uslick, DO, and Stuart B. Chesky, DO, JD.  All elected delegates will receive a manual via U.S. mail.  To download copies of the agenda, the OOA Executive Director's Report regarding 2011 actions of the house, and 2012 resolutions assigned by reference committee, click on the links below.


2012 House of Delegates Agenda
2012 Executive Directors Report
2012 Public Affairs Reference Committee
2012 Professional Affairs Reference Committee












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