Ohio DOs Attend AOA House of Delegates

Delegation Wins Approval of Two Resolutions

More than 500 DOs from across the US participated at the AOA House of Delegates July 20-21, in Chicago where they elected 2007-2008 AOA officers and voted on resolutions covering a range of issues.

The Ohio delegation of some 30 physicians submitted two resolutions, which were both amended and approved. The policy statements support legislation to ban feed additive uses of antibiotics for non-therapeutic uses in animals such as for growth promotion, feed efficiency, weight gain, routine disease prevention, or other routine purposes; and oppose all punitive fines levied on physicians for acts committed by patients that are not under the absolute control of the physician.

Ohioans were prominent throughout the two days. Robert S. Seiple, DO, of Columbus, was re-elected vice speaker of the House. Boyd W. Bowden II, DO, of Columbus; and Robert S. Juhasz, DO, of Cleveland, continue to serve on the AOA Board of Trustees. OOA President William F. Emlich, Jr., DO, chaired the Ad Hoc Committee, and AOA Past President George Thomas, DO, chaired the Joint Board/House Budget Review Committee. In addition, the following Ohioans served on committees: Peter A. Bell, DO; Barbara A. Bennett, DO; Alison A. Clarey, DO; Robert L. Hunter, DO; Brian Kessler, DO; Christopher J. Loyke, DO; Gary L. Moorman, DO; and Jay H. Shubrook, DO.

A special ceremony was held to recognize the legacy of osteopathic physicians in the US armed forces. The tribute commemorated the 40th anniversary of the first DOs drafted to serve as military physicians in 1967. Those 113 DOs who paved the way for all osteopathic physicians who have served as military medical officers ever since include Kirk Hilliard, DO, of Columbus; Bernard F. Master, DO, of Columbus; and Frank Veres, DO, of Warren.

In what has become an annual event, Ohio's female delegates hosted a reception for their peers.

The Ohio delegation, led by Chair George Thomas, DO, included: Victor D. Angel, DO; David C. Ashcraft, DO; Brent M. Barson, OMS II; Barbara A. Bennett, DO; John C. Biery, DO; Boyd W. Bowden II, DO; Cleanne Cass, DO; Stuart B. Chesky, DO; William F. Emlich Jr., DO; E. Lee Foster, DO; Mark W. Garwood, DO; Ioanna Z. Giatis, DO; David D. Goldberg, DO; Charles D. Hanshaw, DO; Robert L. Hunter, DO; Robert S. Juhasz, DO; Gordon J. Katz, DO; Brian A. Kessler, DO; Christopher J. Loyke, DO; Paul A. Martin, DO; Gary L. Moorman, DO; Cynthia Morris, DO; Eugene D. Pogorelec, DO; Albert M. Salomon, DO; Marc D. Schrode, DO; William A. Schukay, DO; Robert S. Seiple, DO; Jay H. Shubrook Jr., DO; Daniel R. Silbiger, OMS II; M. Terrance Simon, DO; Jeffrey A. Stanley, DO; Harold Thomas, DO; John F. Uslick, DO; Charles G. Vonder Embse, DO; and Schield M. Wikas, DO.

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