Health Department Releases Obesity Report

A new Ohio Department of Health report released this week shows that the obesity rate for third graders in Ohio has not changed in five years.

The 2004‐2010 Third Grade BMI Report,measured the BMI of approximately 15,000 children from more than 350 Ohio public elementary schools. Findings show: 

  • Non‐Hispanic black and Hispanic children were significantly more overweight or obese compared to non‐Hispanic white children.
  • Children residing in Appalachian counties had significantly higher overweight or obesity prevalence compared to children residing in any other county type.
  • Low income children were significantly more likely to be obese compared to other children.
  • Overweight and obesity prevalence was greater among children with a higher consumption of sugar‐sweetened beverages, with children drinking more than one sugar‐sweetened beverage per day having the highest overweight and obesity prevalence.
  • Children who drank the most sugar‐sweetened beverages per day in Ohio include non‐ Hispanic black and Hispanic children, children living in Appalachian counties, and low income children.
  • Overweight and obesity prevalence also increased with increased TV viewing, with children watching three or more hours per day having higher prevalence compared to children who watched less.

In addition to providing updated data, the report also highlights a number of areas where strategies to improve the policies, systems and environments that impact healthy behaviors should be focused to reduce childhood overweight and obesity.  To see a complete copy of the report click here:   2004-2010 Third Grade BMI Report.

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