OOA House to Vote on Strategic Plan

Constitution and Bylaws Changes Also Proposed

The Ohio Osteopathic Association's Board of Trustees is asking the House of Delegates to approve a series of  amendments to the OOA Constitution and Bylaws that will streamline and improve the governance of the association as part of a three-year strategic plan.  

"The current structure of the association was initially developed in the 1940's," said OOA President Schield M. Wikas, DO.  "The amendments are designed to facilitate electronic communications and network DOs more effectively based on changing referral patterns and hospital affiliations."

The proposed amendments:

  • Immediately reduce the size of the OOA Executive Committee from 12 to five (5) members;
  • Delete references to existing districts to allow the OOA Board to appoint an Ad Hoc Committee to submit a comprehensive redistricting plan for consideration by the OOA House of Delegates in April 2012;
  • Make the entire OOA Board ex officio members of the Ohio Delegation to the AOA and designate the remainder be elected by the OOA House of Delegates; and
  • Change the formula for district representation in the OOA House of Delegates from one delegate per 10 members to one delegate for each 15 members in a district.
  • Click here for a complete copy of proposed OOA Constitution and Bylaws Amendments.

The goals of the one-year strategic planning process, led by Mel Marsh of Acorn Consulting were to:

  • Describe the future for the Ohio Osteopathic Association and define the steps needed to achieve the future;
  • Identify societal changes and forces that are potential obstacles to the future of osteopathic medicine in Ohio or opportunities to advance the profession;
  • Update the current OOA Vision and Mission Statement with values and goals which address the current and anticipated challenges facing the osteopathic profession in Ohio;
  • Survey the members of the association to ensure that the mission, vision, goals and objectives are consistent with the needs of osteopathic students, residents, and practicing physicians;
  • Engage the OOA staff in the planning process to better understand the needs of OOA members, identify strategies for financial growth, and help develop a business plan that is consistent with the OOA vision and mission;
  • Review the current OOA governance structure and recommend changes in district boundaries, the size of the OOA Board and Executive Committee, and redefine committees to ensure the strategic plan is successfully implemented and adapted as necessary with leadership input;
  • Conduct focus groups with students, residents, and practicing physicians to discuss concerns, attitudes and recommendations; and
  • Present the proposed OOA Strategic Plan and recommendations for any changes in the governance structure to the 2011 OOA House of Delegates.

The Strategic Planning Committee and staff spent nearly eight months interviewing board members, conducting and compiling the results of student, resident, member and non-member surveys, holding focus groups, and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the current organization.  Click here for a PDF of the complete  OOA Environmental Analysis 2010, which contains the results of studies, surveys, focus groups and supplemental materials. (NOTE: The Environmental Analysis  with appendices is 167 pages long and make take additional time to download or print.)

The OOA House of Delegates will also be asked to approve the  OOA Strategic Plan 2011-2013.  The proposed strategy revises the OOA mission statement and recommends adapting the American Osteopathic Association's strategic plan acronym as the framework for the OOA's goals   -- Ohio's G.R.E.A.T. Family of DOs:

GOVERNANCE – Update the OOA Governance structure to reflect current needs

RESEARCH – Strengthen osteopathic research in Ohio

EDUCATION – Reengineer the osteopathic CME system to meet the needs of all stakeholders

ADVOCACY – Continue to advocate for health care reform, representing the needs and rights of osteopathic physicians and increase public awareness of and appreciation for osteopathic medicine

TEAMWORK/FAMILY – Cultivate affinity to the OOA and osteopathic family by focusing on development of personal and professional relationships

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