Board of Governors



President: Roberta J. Guibord, DO

President-Elect: Geraldine N. Urse, DO, FACOFP

Vice President: Jennifer L. Gwilym, DO, FACOFP

Secretary/Treasurer: Lili A. Lustig, DO

Past President: Edward E. Hosbach II, DO

James A. Schoen, DO
Robert J. Norman, DO
Jennifer J. Hauler, DO
Sharon L. George, DO
Paige S. Gutheil Henderson, DO
Nicklaus J. Hess, DO
Christopher J. Loyke, DO, FACOFP
Melissa O. Juliano, DO
Kelly M. Becker, DO
J. Todd Weihl, DO, FACOFP

OU-HCOM Department Liaison:
Tracy L. Shaub, DO

Resident Member: 
Tanen St. Clair-Brown, DO (Firelands Regional Medical Center)

OU-HCOM Student Association Presidents:
David Hixson, OMS II (Dublin)
Emily Mahran, OMS II (Athens)
Anna Ingleright, OMS II (Cleveland)

Contact Us

53 West Third Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43201
(614) 299-2107

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