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Pharmacy Quality Commitment: A Systems View of Patient Care

Pharmacy Quality Commitment (PQC) is a turn-key, risk management solution for the pharmacy to identify, document and analyze workflow though a simple web-based system. The program, which is being implemented nationwide, is designed to improve the quality of care provided by pharmacists. Its focus is on methods of reducing errors by pinpointing when and where the system breaks down to make it easier to adjust workflow and prevent the same error from happening again. Pharmacists and their staff are taught to work as a team in an organized effort to improve patient care, learn how to evaluate causes of past failures of quality, and commit to policies that have been developed to prevent future failures.

PQC helps pharmacists with quality assurance requirements for Medicare Part D, under CMS Section 423.153?, by improving quality and reducing prescription errors. This program satisfies some pharmacy network contracts that specifically require a quality improvement program, and states mandates for specific quality assurance programs or peer review standards.

Pharmacy Quality Commitment is a two-part system consisting of the SentinelSM program, a workflow and error reduction system, and Quality ManagerSM audit system. It introduces the pharmacy team to the "Best Practices" part of the program which highlights 20 practices proven to reduce the number of medication errors made in pharmacies. The SentinelSM system has been designed to allow pharmacists and their staffs to learn the system at their own pace. It includes an Implementation Guide & Training Tools.

Quality ManagerSM is the online audit system of PQC that allows the pharmacy team to track down errors. It instructs how to record near misses, mistakes and errors, and "successes" according to the day of the week, the type of error, and the name of the drug, thereby highlighting where errors occur most often. This review process leads to productive staff meetings that focus on methods of reducing errors, rather than who is to blame for an error.

In addition, Quality Consulting Services are also available. Pharmacists can contact the experts to reach quality assurance goals. To schedule a consultation and obtain pricing for this service, call 1.866.365.7422.

To obtain more information or place an order for the Pharmacy Quality Commitment (PQC) program, call 1.866.365.7472 or visit See ad on page 20.

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