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Support OPA’s Pharmacy PAC!

Pharmacists and student pharmacists can strengthen the influence of pharmacy in Ohio’s General Assembly legislative sessions through the OPA Pharmacy Political Action Committee (PAC). Our PAC is your means of informing and educating state legislators about the significance of our profession to the health of Ohio’s citizens. Your contributions will go to help good candidates who support pharmacy.

Attendees of the PAC Breakfast at the Annual Conference heard from Representative Cliff Rosenberger (R-Wilmington), who is currently looking to address pharmacy benefit manager reforms and is considered as a front runner in the Speaker of the House race. Representative Rosenberger spoke at length about upcoming changes to the health care system and the insurance industry.

The event was successful in increasing donations to the OPA Pharmacy PAC. The following pharmacists supported the event and/or sponsored one or more students to attend as well:

Larry Schieber, Kathy Karas, Tom Stahl, Faye Stahl, Dick Wuest, Suzanne Eastman Wuest, Jim Pritchard, Ed Carter, Angela Carter, Brian Gerth, Mark Nessler, Ray Carlson, Joe Sabino, Debbie Lange, Greg Kramp, Megan Marchal, Ed Zatta, Robert Wright, Jeff Polzin, Jenelle Sobotka, Bob Blake, Dale Bertke, Don Bennett, Mark Kratzer, Norb Manz, Johnnie Early, Bob Waters, Ken Hohmeier, Scarlett Hohmeier, DeLinda McDaniel, AJ Caraballo, Steven Martin, Joe Amaismeier, John Coler, Barry Klein, Dee Dee Myers, Greg Paisley, Tom Whiston, Danny Bentley, Troy Gahm, Joe Craft.

With health care reform and many important legislative battles this current session, we need your help to attain our goals at the Ohio Statehouse. To contribute to Pharmacy PAC and support our legislative efforts, see our PAC Form.


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