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Reminder: deadline to enroll "affiliate rendering practitioners" for Medicaid is Jan. 1 - not Jul. 1

Source: Ohio Medicaid, Behavioral Health Redesign Brief

Update on Rendering Practitioner Enrollment & Agency Affiliation

The Ohio Department of Medicaid has received a number of inquiries regarding the deadline for providers of community mental health and/or community substance use disorder services to enroll and affiliate rendering practitioners with their agency(ies). As a reminder, the implementation date for requiring rendering practitioners on Medicaid community behavioral health service claims is January 1, 2017 (not July 1, 2016).

Practitioners who must enroll with Ohio Medicaid:

Community behavioral health agencies must take two actions prior to January 1, 2017:

  1. Continue enrolling rendering practitioners in MITS and
  2. Affiliate those rendering practitioners with the employing agency.

MITS Technical Limitation: Agencies that have submitted their MITS revalidation request (Application Tracking Number [ATN] issued) cannot affiliate with their rendering practitioners until their revalidation is complete. However, a rendering practitioner can affiliate themselves with their employing agency regardless of its MITS revalidation status. Agencies providing community mental health and/or community substance use disorder services that are in the MITS revalidation process should work with their rendering practitioners to affiliate in MITS with their rendering practitioners.

Instructions - Enroll rendering practitioners (April 19 MITS BITS)
Instructions - How to affiliate individual practitioners

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