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Ohio Senate considers co-pays, premiums for Medicaid Expansion group


Source: Health Policy Institute of Ohio


A new bill in the Ohio Senate would require enrollees in Medicaid expansion to pay premiums and make copayments on some medical services (Source: “Ohio Medicaid Expansion Patients would Face Co-Pays, Premiums Under New Bill,Cleveland Plain Dealer, February 28, 2019).

Senate Bill 60, which would start a program called the Medicaid Personal Responsibility Initiative, doesn’t have specific dollar amounts for co-pays and premiums.

However, sponsor Senator David Burke, a Union County Republican, said that co-pays would be “nominal,” such as $5.

Co-payments would be required under the bill when patients see specialists — unless they received a general practitioners’ referral first — and if they visit an emergency room.

Patients with Medicaid are currently required to pay co-pays, such as $3 each time they visit the dentist, however there are exceptions, and most recipients do not pay anything.

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