Conversations and Commentary Submissions

Conversation & Commentary Submissions: Dr. Lisa Flores in the Department of Communication at the University of Colorado at Boulder is the forthcoming Conversation and Commentary Editor. The C&C editor facilitates forums consisting of multiple short contributions by different authors addressing focused topics of interest to the journal. Please direct inquiries to her at and include “WSIC-C&C” in the subject line.


Book and Media Review Submissions

Rachel Griffin in the Department of Communication Studies at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale is the book and media review editor-elect. Please direct inquiries to her at and include “WSIC-BMR” in the subject line.

Reviewers are invited to submit reviews of books, documentaries and popular films that might aid in the research and/or teaching of gender and communication. Reviewers should consider the book's or media's potential significance for the journal's readers, as well as authorial intent, the data in which the book's or media's claims are grounded, the author's analytical approach to the data, and the apparent wisdom of the conclusions advanced. Please also keep in mind the journal's mission statement as you address these topics.

Composition Guidelines:

  1. The target length for each review is 800-1200 words. Please submit review as an email attachment, saved in Microsoft Word, to
  2. Limit your review to an artifact published within the last three years. For example, if you submit a review in 2008, choose a book or film from no earlier than 2005. If the artifact is older than three years, please specify why it is important to review.
  3. Open review with a single-spaced bibliographic heading. Title should be left aligned and italicized. When reviewing more than one artifact, please submit each review separately. Please adhere to the appropriate form below.

    Book Review:
    One of the Guys: Women as Aggressors and Torturers. Edited by Tara McKelvey. Emeryville, CA: Seal Press, 2007, pp. 1 + 266. Paperback. US $15.95.

    Film Review:
    Water. By Deepa Mehta. Toronto: Deepa Mehta Films, 2005. US $15.99.

  4. Double-space review.
  5. Provide internal page citations when using direct quotations. For example: "Lover, please stay away-I am immensely enjoying this state of freedom from the vagaries of love constructed according to male dominance" (175). (Note: The period follows the citation.)
  6. Write out the numbers one through ten; employ numerals for numbers higher than ten.
  7. Include your name and italicize your institutional affiliation at the end of your review. Both should be flush right, as in this example:

    Kim L. Purnell
    Fort Valley State University

  8. Reviews should include an exact word count in the upper right hand corner of page one. Include reviewer, artifact, and author information in total word count.
  9. In a separate document, provide full author identification, including author's name, address (including e-mail), phone number, and affiliation.