About OWMA

Founded in 1942 as the Ohio Association of Tobacco Distributors, today's Ohio Wholesale Marketers Association is the only statewide association dedicated to the unique interests of the c-store distribution channel. 

OWMA's core membership is multi-generational family owned wholesale distributors who supply a range of products to convenience stores, neighborhood markets and other retailers in Ohio and the Midwest region. They are the link between manufacturers and retailers, making sure that consumers find the products they want on store shelves in their communities.  

As licensed cigarette and other tobacco product distributors, OWMA's wholesaler members are also the state's tobacco excise tax collectors.  In state fiscal year 2022, they collected and remitted more than $884.5 million in excise taxes to the state of Ohio.  These taxes are the 4th highest tax revenue source for the state general revenue fund, with the top three being commercial activities tax (3rd), personal income tax (2nd) and sales/use tax (1st).

OWMA associate members include product brokers, manufacturers and companies whose products and services support the operations of wholesalers.  

Product categories supplied by OWMA members include tobacco, grocery, candy/snacks, nonalcoholic beverage, dry goods, food service, health/beauty, cannabidoil (hemp derived CBD), paper products, automotive, cleaning supplies and general merchandise.


OWMA Mission Statement

To Provide its membership with programs and services of the highest quality that are delivered in a professional manner and which:

  • Effectively advocate and represent the common interests of the membership in all areas of public policy;
  • Foster improved communications and trade relations among all industry constituencies;
  • Consistently and accurately inform the membership, the trade and, where appropriate, the public of industry issues, environments of change and other pertinent matters of interest;
  • Create Forums for education, industry networking and other opportunities for the exchange of information;
  • Enhance the membership's ability to operate their business in an efficient, ethical, productive and profitable manner.



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