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RSA - New Series from the University of South Carolina Press

University of South Carolina Press

"Illuminating creative protests that seek justice in the face of racism and bigotry (Movement Rhetoric) linked by vital and digital urgency (Rhetoric’s Movement): the time is now." - Victoria J. Gallagher, series editor

Movement Rhetoric/Rhetoric’s Movements is a new series from the University of South Carolina Press that seeks to deepen our understanding of explicit and implicit arguments and modes of communication by studying past and present social movements through rhetorical frameworks. In an era characterized by the emergence of political, social, and economic movements begun and enacted through digital means, it has become clear that the work of past social movements is not yet done; new social justice and grassroots movements have emerged, linked by their vital and digital urgency. By examining how rhetoric moves, in terms of circulation, uptake, and in relation to how and why individuals, collectives, and institutions are moved, changed, and transformed, we point the way to a more equal and equitable world.

In addition to studies of movements themselves, we welcome analyses of social communicative actions that are driven by corporate and economic interests and of reactionary movements that may help us better understand rhetorical and material impediments to these goals. While the focus of the series will be on rhetorical work that advances the discipline in relation to theory, criticism, and praxis, compelling projects that explore movement rhetoric and/or rhetoric’s movement(s) at the intersections of rhetoric and media studies/new materialism, public relations, communication studies, science/technology, or sociology are also welcome. With this series, SC Press looks forward to building on a longstanding reputation in the field of rhetoric and communication and its cross-disciplinary commitment to studies of civil rights and social justice.

Authors interested in submitting proposals should review the submission guidelines at and contact: Victoria J. Gallagher, series editor (; or Aurora Bell, SC Press acquisitions editor (

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