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Last Minute Reminders for the RSA Conference

Last Minute Reminders for the RSA Conference

In just ten days or so we'll be gathering for our conference in Seattle. I'm excited about our location, about the quality of the sessions that you have put together, and about the prospect of seeing all of you. Please take a few minutes to review these few reminders that are designed to enhance your conference experience.

Before You Go
--Do rehearse your presentation so that it will fit into the time period assigned to it. Remember that it is exceptional, not typical, for a presentation to be scheduled for more than 15 minutes! Plan accordingly, respect the time constraints, and leave time for questions and discussion. You can review your room assignment and other details related to your session by looking at the online program: click HERE .
--Audio Visual: remember that we have been able to accommodate over 80% of your audio visual requests--but not 100%. To learn where you stand with audio-visual support, click HERE. Sorry--no internet access in the meeting rooms. Questions of any kind? Contact Whitney Anspach at .

Getting from the Airport
Amazing: there is easy, cheap, and effective bus transportation from Sea-Tac Airport to the Westin Hotel--route 194 is an express that (according to the transit web site) will deposit you a tenth of a mile from the Westin for just $1.50 or $2 (depending on time of day). Check the details yourself:
Those who prefer a shuttle can take the Gray Line Seattle Downtown Airporter ($11 one way): see .
The cost of a taxi is approximately $33.

Those preregistered for the conference can simply pick up registration materials (i.e., printed program, badge, and other materials) in the Westin's Cascade Foyer. (While you're there, consider buying a souvenir conference t-shirt.)
The conference opens with a special event arranged by Cheryl Geisler on Friday, 12-1 pm, in the Vashon Room of the Westin: "Breaking through the Glass Ceiling: A Colloquy on Gender Equity and the Rhetoric Society of America."

Submitting Papers for Proceedings?
Would you like your paper to be considered for the 2008 conference volume, which will be edited by Barbara Warnick and Michelle Smith? If so, you must turn in the following items (to Kathie Cesa at the registration desk) when you arrive in Seattle:

--a CD or floppy disk containing an electronic copy of your paper. You must use the Microsoft Word program for word processing, and you must format your paper according to the MLA style sheet (including in-text citations and a list of Works Cited).
--a hard copy of your paper with your name, contact information, and institutional affiliation on the title page.

If your paper is selected, you will later have to sign a copyright assignment form. Questions? Contact Barbara Warnick, or Michelle Smith, .

Special Events
--Opening Night Gala Reception
Sponsored by Taylor and Francis and Pearson Longman Publishers: Friday, 6:30-8 pm.

--Charles Johnson at the Seattle Public Library
Charles Johnson, the National Book Award-winning novelist and public intellectual, will address the conference at the spectacular Seattle Public Library, Saturday, 6-8 pm. Space is limited for this special event (and the reception following). To secure a ticket, please and complete the form. First come, first served!

--Conference Luncheon featuring David Zarefsky's presentation
You have already indicated your interest in this event at the time of your registration. Those so indicating will have tickets included in their registration packet. If you requested a vegetarian luncheon, it will be indicated on your ticket. Questions? Please contact Kathie Cesa, .

Travel safely and let's have a great time!
Jack Selzer
RSA President

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