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RSA Student Chapter Special Event Award

Special Event Award

This competitive award is meant to support special event programming created by RSA student chapters that would not otherwise be possible without the support of the RSA. RSA encourages applicants to propose projects or events that cultivate professionalization and cooperation between and among academic departments, RSA student chapters, and/or rhetoric programs at other universities, although such collaboration is not requisite for application.

Any chapter in good standing will have the opportunity to apply for this competitively awarded grant from RSA. The number and dollar amounts of awards given each year will depend on the availability of funds and the institution’s past award history. Preference will be given to chapters that are newly formed and/or have not received an award in the recent past. Chapters must submit a project proposal, including a budget and the amount of local funding. The event should ideally take place in the Spring.

Applications will be due November 29 for projects in the academic year. Chapters receiving awards will be required to provide a progress report to the RSA graduate student members of the Board of Directors by May 1 of the funding year. Awardees are especially encouraged to consider how they can share the project with other RSA chapters and individual RSA members through the use of technology (podcast, webcast, etc.). If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Karrieann Soto Vega and Laura Proszak at

Here are examples of funded activities during 2018-2019:

Selection Procedure:

  • Applicants are to provide a detailed proposal outlining the name, proposed date, and description of their event, including anticipated participation (both number and type of participants), as well as including a detailed budget.
  • Describe how this project will meet the funding goal of encouraging professionalization and collaboration and explain your plans for sharing this project with other chapters (through podcast, web video, summary document, etc.).

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