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Digital Transgender Archive

The Digital Transgender Archive is a freely available website that provides easy access to
thousands of items documenting transgender history.

Transgender history is often hidden within archival collections since many sites employ idiosyncratic ways of organizing and describing their materials and some archivists are not aware of their transrelated holdings. Even when transgender materials are processed and made available, they can still be incredibly hard to find and, on a broad scale, relatively few items have been digitized.

In light of these research challenges, the DTA provides an easy-to-use website where visitors can access thousands of digitized historical materials and extensive information on non-digitized archival holdings throughout the world. The DTA’s mission is to make transgender history more accessible to a broad public audience.

Funded by:
Digital Innovation Fellowship (2015-2016)
Digital Extension Grant (2017-2018)
      --Both from the American Council of Learned Societies
College of the Holy Cross

For more information:
K.J. Rawson, Ph.D.
College of the Holy Cross
kjrawson at holycross dot edu

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