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Committee Spotlight: Training and Infrastructure Committee

1. What is your committee charged with? What are your goals for this year?

The SAVIR Training and Infrastructure Committee (TIC) is charged with addressing the professional and academic training needs of SAVIR members and serving as a resource for the training needs of current and future professionals in the fields of violence and injury prevention and control.  Our goals for the year are to continue developing new and exciting learning opportunities through our webinar series and the career paths project.  We are also brainstorming ideas for new instructional resources aimed at SAVIR members and conducting a survey in conjunction with the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH) that explores violence and injury prevention and control curriculum in schools and programs of public health.

2. Tell me a fun fact about your committee.

Our TIC members represent 8 US states (Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, and North Carolina Ohio, Oregon, and Washington), 2 countries (US and Ireland), and 3 different time zones (EST, PST, and GMT+1).

3. What should SAVIR members know about your committee?

We’re interested in both training and infrastructure not only as it relates to SAVIR but as it relates to the field of violence and injury prevention and control as a whole.

4. If your committee were a band, what would be your band name?

I’m not sure our group has a good band name, but I’d like to think that we’re an excellent group of backup singers.  Our committee is here to serve the membership of SAVIR and wants to elevate the work of others in our field.

5. What initiatives are you most proud of? How can members partake in these efforts?

The TIC currently has four main initiatives that we are extremely proud of, including: 1) the SAVIR webinars, 2) the learning labs at SAVIR’s annual conference, 3) the career path’s project, which involves interviews with leading experts in the field of injury and violence research to learn about their career path, and 4) the curriculum project, which explores the injury and violence prevention curriculum at schools and programs of public health). TIC members can actively engage with any of these initiatives. We encourage TIC members to engage in the initiative(s) that they are most passionate about and that align most with their personal and professional interests.

6. How can SAVIR members get involved with your committee? How often/when does your committee meet?

To join SAVIR’s TIC, please contact Lindsay Sullivan ( or Tony Carlini ( via email. All new members are welcome! Our committee meets once a month on either the third Wednesday or Thursday of the month at 12:00PM EST; we alternate our meeting times each month to accommodate our members. Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, August 19th at 12:00PM EST via zoom.


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