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Reflections from the President

Dear SAVIR Members,

As we approach the end of the year, you may be planning donations to organizations that are important to you. As you know, SAVIR is a small organization run mostly by volunteers who are other injury researchers. These volunteers serve on the board of directors, as committee members and chairs, and as conference hosts, devoting their time and energy to advancing the field of injury and violence research. I hope you’ll consider including SAVIR in your year-end giving plans.

SAVIR operates on an annual budget of $95,000 per year, about half of which supports our annual conference. Most of SAVIR’s revenue comes from membership and conference registration fees, but the pandemic has created new challenges in event planning and recruiting new members. While donations and gifts are a small percentage of SAVIR’s budget, they provide the most flexibility to ensure SAVIR can be nimble and responsive to changing needs of our membership.

Donate today! There are two ways to give:

General fund donations for SAVIR will be used towards priorities including supporting students through scholarships, travel funds and conference registration, and advancing efforts to increase research funding for injury and violence.

Gifts can also be specifically donated to the Brooks-Webb student scholarship fund, and if at least $1,000 is donated by the general membership, a matching gift of $1,000 will be provided by a generous donor.

If you donate to SAVIR, please share this image on your social media to let your colleagues and friends know why you support the organization and encourage them to give!

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Bernadette Hohl, PhD, MPH

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