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Committee Spotlight: Membership Committee

The mission of the membership committee is to create an organization inclusive of researchers working in diverse fields and their research institutions. The objectives of the committee include increasing and sustaining SAVIR membership and developing plans to recruit researchers, research centers, and organizations as active members.

What are your goals for the coming year?

Some of our goals for the coming year include increasing overall membership, increasing our international membership, and increasing the number of trauma centers who are center members.

 What should SAVIR members know about your committee?

The membership committee is small, but mighty. We are always developing innovative ways to increase membership, including developing partnerships with other like-minded organizations.

Tell me a fun fact about your committee.

We are primarily composed of members from the Midwest and Southeastern United States, but would love to have representatives from the Coastal regions and beyond--come join us!

What initiatives are you most proud of? How can members partake in these efforts?

We have a very busy committee and approach our committee goals from multiple angles. One initiative we are very proud of is Maryalice Nocera's idea to recruit new members from the list of individuals who have published in Injury Prevention, the official journal of SAVIR. We are also proud of our cross-collaboration and engagement with other SAVIR committees and workgroups. It's easy to join in our efforts--attend our December 21st meeting to find out more! 

How can SAVIR members get involved with your committee? How often/when does your committee meet?

Please reach out to our committee chairs -- Shankar Viswanathan ( or Nichole Michaels (, we'd love to have you join us! We meet on the third Tuesday of the month at 10-11 am.

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