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Get your Congregational and Rostered Minister reports in before the deadline of May 15!

It is that time of year--when the annual reports for all rostered ministers should be submitted, as well as Form A and C parochial reports for congregations. We did much better last year getting the reports done and in, but we still have a way to go! Let's shoot for 100% participation!

The forms for all rostered ministers (active, under synod council call, retired or on leave) can be found on the ELCA website under the Resources>Office of the Secretary: Resources/Office-of-the-Secretary#Synods 

To complete the congregation's report, you will need the congregation's ID number and password from previous logins:  

If you don't know the password for your congregation report, first look at the top of the Form A report (right top corner) sent to the congregation by the ELCA Churchwide Office. The password is located there. If you have misplaced the original report, please to the synod office to attain the congregation’s password. 

Helpful hint: Congregations with a 4 digit congregational number should put a 0 before the four digits, in order to make it 5! Example: Congregational #4321, should read: 04321

If you need assistance with either of these reports, or do not know the congregational login, please contact Gabrielle Hudecek at the synod office, 614.464.3532 or email

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