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Free movie screening at Jacob's Porch-'Becoming Truly Human'

Join Jacob's Porch, The Ohio State University Campus Ministry, for a free movie screening, Q&A and lecture based upon the research and documentary on characteristics of the “spiritual but not religious” or “nones - religiously unaffiliated”.

It is a free event. Dr. Jacob’s will lecture on theological principles from eastern and western christianity that he believes are best suited to speak to the “nones.”

You are invited either Friday night for the movie/Q&A or Saturday morning for the lecture or both.

The University of Cincinnati vs Ohio State game in Columbus is at noon that day. We will be watching the game on the big screen at Jacob’s Porch if you’d like to stick around after the lecture or we’ll be done in time for you to get to the game if you have tickets.

Please put an invitation to this event in the bulletin or newsletter for your church if you are able!

Also, if anyone would like to bring your youth group up to Jacob’s Porch for a visit and/or to provide dinner for the students, here is the place to sign up and check availability. 

We still have a bunch of September openings to provide dinner that are an immediate need if you are available.


Here is a link to the latest Jacob’s Porch newsletter for you to share. Your mission support helps make this ministry possible!

Thanks everyone!

Becoming Truly Human Screening Sept 6 & 7

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