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A note from Bishop Dillahunt: A prayer for protection and of gratitude while we wait


God of Grace and Mercy, we thank you for those who continue to serve during this time of COVID-19. Not just for those who we see on the news each night, but for those who go seemingly unnoticed, even though their service is vital today and every day.

We pray for those who have been cleaning up after us in essential workplaces: janitors, nursing aids, those who do the laundry & provide food service in our hospitals, nursing and rehab centers. We pray for truck drivers, bus drivers, and warehouse workers. We pray for all the drive thru workers, cooks, gas station attendants and food deliverers. We pray for farmers and growers, meat packing facility workers and grocery store workers.

We also pray for those who are unemployed, underemployed, furloughed, in low-wage jobs, hungry, homeless, suffering from isolation-related anxieties, those who worry, those who are afraid, all health care workers in all facilities: prisons, skilled nursing care and rehabilitation and group home facilities and for nurses, doctors, police, fire fighters, and EMTs. We pray for caregivers.

We pray for those who have died, those who grieve, those who are sick and recovering in hospitals and at home.

We are grateful for everyone who has and is sacrificing to help Ohio flatten the curve so there is equipment for those who need it most. We pray for those who stay home, self isolate and quarantine, despite the difficulties in doing so.

We pray for pastors, deacons, and leaders in the church as we all navigate new waters, mountains and valleys. We pray for those who have no faith or lost their faith. May we be beacons of care, hope and safety for those who seek to believe that Christ is Risen.

Thank you Lord that in you we find our shelter and rest, our firm foundation where we will not be shaken. Grant all of this and receive our prayers, silent and in our hearts. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.


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