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FedACH Offers a Complimentary Report to Help with Same Day ACH Phase 2

June 7, 2017 -- FedACH Customer Communication on Same Day ACH Phase 2 Batch Reports

FedACH announced that they will send out a complimentary monthly report to relieve some apprehension about "unintended same day debit originations." 

"Debit entries received before the same day submittal deadlines with an invalid, stale or current date in the effective entry date field will settle as same day transactions, provided that other requirements are also met."

The FedACH report, starting in July, will list qualified ACH debit batches so that ODFIs recognize necessary corrections in the Effective Entry Dates in ACH transactions.

Read the full communication and get the info on how to receive your institution’s complimentary report of qualified ACH debit batches HERE.

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