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Announcing PAR/WACHA's NEW Corporate Member & Sponsorship Program

Providing practical and needed solutions to our Financial Institution members and their corporate customers and members

smiling business peopleWith the new Corporate Membership and Sponsorship Programs, companies have access to payment rules and product development such as authorizations, record retention, compliance support, and data security. Financial Institutions must ensure that their corporate Originators are informed of their obligations as it relates to payments and data security. WACHA has a desire and obligation to provide practical and needed solutions to our Financial Institution members and their corporate customers or members, which led WACHA to develop three Corporate Program solutions for our members.
Read more details on the Corporate Program Brochure.

  • Direct Corporate Membership, Tiers 1 & 2 - These memberships grant organizations the entire suite of WACHA member benefits, including direct access to our knowledgeable help desk for support. Tier 1 of Direct Corporate Membership grants full WACHA member benefits plus additional resource materials and training modules.
  • Corporate Sponsorship - Financial Institutions may sponsor their corporate Originators based on their need, granting the corporate Originator limited WACHA membership. Sponsorship enables the Financial Institution to remain the main point of contact for their originator’s questions, yet WACHA provides basic resources to assist the Financial Institution.
  • Training Modules - There are short training modules available for Financial Institutions to purchase for their corporate customers or members. The modules cover ACH Rule changes and separate rules on Notification of Changes (NOC), Return Reason Codes, and Authorizations, or it can be customized to your customers’ or members’ needs. 

 View all the details on the Corporate Program Brochure.

 Click here to have a PAR/WACHA Membership Representative contact you if you are interested in joining.

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